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Dariya Hair Pad (Black) - Product from Japan! Identical to Magic Hair Pad

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If you are tired of using hair clips or hair bands to hold up your fringe/bangs when you apply skincare/put on makeup/wash your face, this Fringe Holder is something you’d love!
This lightweight accessory has Velcro-like hooks that keep hair gently in place without grasping it firmly the way traditional hair accessories do. You will be amazed by how weightless this thin pad is – you can barely feel it on your head! Not only does it hold up your fringe without crimping or messing it up, it also allows you to keep your parting.
Identical to Magic Hair Paid.




  •     Practically designed, suitable for both long fringe hair and short fringe hair
  •     Easily used and portable tool
  •     Ideal substitution for hair ribbon
  •     Quickly fix the fringe hair without changing the user's hair style
  •     Reusable and convenient for make-up, face-washing and the like
  •     Two pieces hair fixer in one pack


It is extremely easy to use. Simply pat the pad on the portion of hair that you would like to keep up and your hair stays put immediately. No clipping, no pinning or wincing, when removing clips and pins!

COLOR: Black
SIZE:  6.5 x 8.5 (cm)
PACKING:  1 Fringe Stabilizer in a plastic packing containing 2 pieces (packing comes with Japanese instructions).


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